Strategyn’s Innovation Resources

A collection of white papers, case studies and articles. Providing insight into our innovation theory.

During Strategyn’s 20-year quest to innovate the innovation process and create predictable growth, we have debunked many myths, tested and refined innovation theory, made new discoveries and created breakthrough tools. The resulting insights can be found here in our innovation resources.

Our efforts have resulted in the creation of jobs-to-be-done theory and the innovation process, Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI). This patented innovation process produces winning products with a success rate that is five times the industry average.

The journal articles, white papers, case studies, books and other innovation resources we make available offer unique insights into our ODI innovation theory, its application to the creation of growth plans and benefits. While others believe predictable innovation is impossible, Strategyn’s innovation team has made it a reality.

Access all of the innovation resources from Strategyn. You will learn how our efforts to innovate innovation have transformed the jobs-to-be-done innovation theory into a powerful innovation process.

Outcome-Driven Innovation

Drawing on 20 years of hands-on innovation experience, Strategyn CEO Tony Ulwick provides a unique historic perspective on innovation along with a clear description of Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) theory – and the transformation from theory into practice. For those interested in understanding the future of innovation, this is a must read. Download the white paper here.

What Customers Want

This best selling book by innovation expert, Tony Ulwick, describes how the jobs-to-be-done innovation theory was transformed into an end-to-end innovation process. Learn about the Outcome-Driven Innovation methodology and a new way to think about innovation.

Job Mapping

In this groundbreaking Harvard Business Review article, Lance Bettencourt and Tony Ulwick reveal an important discovery they made while turning the jobs-to-be-done innovation theory into practice – “job mapping.” Used to gain a unique understanding of customer needs, this tool helps companies create breakthrough products and services.

White Papers

A collection of our white papers can be found and downloaded here.

Case Studies

Download Strategyn and ODI case studies here.

Journal Articles

A collection of journal articles published in the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review can be found here.