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Exclusively from the pioneers of Jobs-to-be-Done Theory
and Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI).

As a leading growth strategy and innovation consulting firm, Strategyn helps Fortune 500
companies grow in core, adjacent and new markets with a success rate that is five times
(5X) the industry average. How is this possible? Over the last 25 years, we invented a
customer-centric, data-driven innovation process that mitigates the risk of failure.
Our results speak for themselves. Formulate a winning growth strategy with help
from one of the top innovation consulting firms and service providers.


Learn more about Outcome-Driven Innovation® and why it is the world’s most powerful innovation process.
We have successfully applied ODI in nearly every industry and we are confident it will work for you.
Make the ultimate upgrade in innovation.

What Customers Want What Customers Want

Tony Ulwick's original Jobs-to-be-Done book. This seminal and timeless book explains how to transform Jobs Theory into practice using ODI.

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JTBD: Theory to Practice JTBD: Theory to Practice

In his latest book, Tony Ulwick takes Jobs-to-be-Done theory and the ODI process to the next level. A new release. Buy it now!

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Case Studies

Strategyn’s innovation consulting team has generated over $15 billion in revenue for its clients. We have worked with more than one third of the Fortune 100, in B2B and B2C, and up and down the supply chain.

Here are just a few of our clients' successes.

Innovation Consulting Services

Our innovation consulting services include ODI-based research, market and product strategy engagements, workshops, training, support, customized innovation programs, and more. Learn more.

Market and product strategy

Using ODI-based research, our innovation consultants discover hidden segments of opportunity. We use these insights to formulate market strategies that drive short-term revenue gains and product strategies that build customer loyalty and drive future growth.

Outcome-based segmentation

Segment your customers around unmet outcomes and discover underserved segments, overserved segments, and hidden opportunities for growth. Target an underserved segment that will pay more to get the job done better and disrupt the market from the top down.

Opportunity discovery

Our ODI-based research methods reveal which customer needs are underserved and to what degree. Discover what unmet needs to target for value creation.

Customer needs discovery

Become more customer-centric by gaining agreement on what a customer need is and providing your team with a set of “perfect” customer need statements.

Competitive analysis

Look at your market through a jobs-to-be-done lens and see the strengths and weaknesses of the competing products. Learn who gets the job done best.

Introductory workshops

Get acquainted with Strategyn and our approach to innovation. See your markets through a new lens and understand your customers’ needs at a new level.


Over our 25-year history in innovation consulting we have amassed a loyal following of innovators who have witnessed the power of our unique approach. We hope that one day, you will be one of them.

Arm and Hammer Arm & Hammer

“With Strategyn’s help, every one of our products achieved double-digit year-to-year revenue growth in 2014.” Scott Druker

Abbott Medical Optics Abbott Medical Optics

“The ODI process is valuable for service innovation as it makes the intangible customer experience tangible.” Angelo Rago

Hussmann Hussmann

“Strategyn’s customer-centric approach to innovation helped us turnaround our LED lighting business.” Clay Rohrer

Microsoft Microsoft

“Strategyn’s approach to innovation allowed us to turn-around and grow a struggling business.” Dave Wascha

Kroll Ontrack Kroll Ontrack

Strategyn helped us disrupt a market and grow to a position of market leadership.” Ben Allen

Harvard Business School Harvard Business School

“Ulwick’s outcome-driven programs bring discipline and predictability to the often random process of innovation.” Clayton M. Christensen

Innovate Like Edison Innovate Like Edison

“Strategyn’s outcome-driven methodology is the most robust approach to driving value creation that I’ve ever seen.” Sarah Miller Caldicott

Bosch Bosch

“Using Strategyn’s methods, we uncovered hidden opportunities for growth in the mature circular saw market.” Andrew Reed

Cordis Cordis

“Using Strategyn’s approach we launched the stent, the fastest growing medical device in history.” Rick Faleschini


The Strategyn team shares a common set of values: a passion for innovation, excellence in what we do, and our clients’ success. We are changing the way the world innovates. View more.

Tony Ulwick Tony Ulwick Founder & CEO
Mitch Auran Mitch Auran Managing Member & CFO
Rob Schade Rob Schade Chief Customer Officer
Petr Salz Petr Salz Director of Business Dev. Europe
Jacqueline Johnston Jacqueline Johnston Client Development Manager
Bob Pennisi Bob Pennisi Managing Director
Rick Norman Rick Norman Senior Consultant
Eric Eskey Eric Eskey Managing Director
Sabeen Sattar Sabeen Sattar Sr Manager, Product Strategy and Client Engagements
Jonathan Dome Jonathan Dome Director of Business Development
Geoff Bell Geoff Bell Engagement Manager
Asha Rangaraj Asha Rangaraj Director of Implementation Services
Mike Lee Michael Lee Senior Engagement Manager
Danny Small Danny Small Engagement Manager

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