Innovation Training Programs

Build an internal competency in ODI with the tools and training you need for growth.

Innovation Training That Transforms

Build an internal competency in ODI with the tools and training you need for growth.

Make ODI part of your innovation culture

Experience the power of Strategyn’s innovation process, Outcome-Driven Innovation, and you’ll want to turn ODI into an integral part of your company’s development process and innovation culture. Strategyn’s expert practitioners will educate, mentor and train you and your ODI team so your organization will seamlessly integrate ODI into its innovation practices. Prepare for the future of innovation with our innovation training program.

Strategyn’s innovation training program

Strategyn has been integrating its ODI process into Fortune 100 companies and SMEs for more than 2 decades. Our experts will ensure that ODI becomes the cornerstone of your innovation culture by providing your innovation team with invaluable tools, knowledge and insight.

Our innovation training program will help your innovation team (i) think differently about innovation and get excited about jobs-to-be-done and ODI, (ii) use ODI to make key decisions in areas such as market and product strategy, marketing, R&D, market selection and sales, and (iii) build a long-term, sustainable culture of innovation. Strategyn offers proven innovation training and support to ensure that your company will adopt and implement our innovation program with no issues.

What your company will learn

Strategyn ODI experts will offer customized innovation training and support for your company. As part of our innovation training program, we will help your managers and employees:

  • Define key markets through an ODI lens.
  • Choose the ideal projects for the company to pursue with ODI.
  • Learn the fundamentals of JTBD theory and the ODI process.
  • Obtain the level of ODI certification needed to practice the ODI process.
  • Improve marketing communications using ODI-based market data.
  • Integrate ODI insights into the sales process.
  • Integrate ODI into the existing development process.
  • Run effective ODI-based ideation sessions.

The adoption process is dynamic, so Strategyn will provide as much support as needed. The number of onsite and offsite support session days per quarter can be modified at any time based on your company’s needs and pace of adoption.