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Growth Strategy Consulting for Market Leadership

Conceptualize a breakthrough product


Challenge the status quo.

Brainstorming, failing fast, and pivoting are all the rage —but it’s these misguided methods that are driving today’s high innovation failure rates.

Are you trying to…

Grow revenue in core and adjacent markets?
Become a market leader?
Find, claim, and secure a unique and valued competitive position?
Align the actions of sales, marketing, and development around the creation of customer value?
Identify which partners will enhance your market position?

Power your product with Jobs-to-be-Done

People buy products to get a “job” done. This simple idea opens the door to a new way to define a market: as a group of people trying to solve a problem.

By defining your market around the problem, instead of the technology or product, it allows you to fully understand what your customers are trying to do, and build the products they want. This is the basis for the revolutionary process called Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI). With Strategyn as your growth strategy consulting services provider, you will launch big ideas that win.

We were a business facing a potential crisis. Using ODI, we were able to discover many new growth opportunities, pull together a valuable offering and reframe our marketing message around a PC lifecycle management offering. In a market under immense price pressure, Strategyn helped us grow a struggling business.

DAVE WASCHA, Product Manager

Pursue a growth strategy to market leadership


Know the specific customers, segments, and unmet needs your company should target to accelerate its growth


Understand all the metrics your customers use to measure value in your market


Discover segments of customers that are overserved and underserved


Define a value proposition that strongly resonates with customers


Understand with certainty which product features will win in the market


Align marketing, sales, R&D, and M&A around your largest opportunities for growth

What makes Outcome-Driven Innovation so effective?

ODI is revolutionary because it enables you to define and understand customer needs in a way that allows you to confidently build the products your customers want.

The perfect set of “need’ statements must inform all aspects of the business. This means they must be stable over time, solution agnostic, unambiguous, actionable, measurable, controllable, granular and more. When the job the customer is trying to get done becomes the unit of analysis, it makes it possible to define need statements that meet these criteria. We call them “desired outcome” statements. They are the key to understanding how customers measure value—and create the product roadmap that will have your competition chasing you. Its time to leverage our world-class growth strategy consulting services.

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How ODI Will Work For You

Outcome Driven Innovation 2 Uncover desired outcomes (customer needs) Understand how job maps, and customer needs are defined and structured in the ODI process. Discover hidden segments of opportunity 4 Understand how opportunities and market segments are defined and discovered in the ODI process. 5 Formulate and   deploy a winning   strategy Understand how innovation strategy is defined in the ODI process to find the most efficient path to growth. 3 Quantify which outcomes are unmet Understand the basic structure of the questionnaire, and the types of questions in each section. 1 Define your   market around the   Job-to-be-Done Understand how customers, markets, and jobs are defined and structured in the ODI process. Growth through innovation
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Outcome-Driven Innovation’s customer-centric approach to innovation and product design helps us define and address truly important client challenges. That additional clarity further enables us to develop and deliver solutions that provide real customer value, as well as deep, ongoing benefits to my organization and me. Our understanding of client needs and how to gain insight into those needs has been greatly improved.

ALEX JOHNSON, System Architect | Next Generation Systems of Process Automation, Schneider Electric

Unlock your growth with Outcome-Driven Innovation

Our rigorous ODI framework gives us all the insights we need to create an actionable growth strategy that will deliver the results you need.


We collect all the information needed to build a complete understanding of your customers.
We work with you to develop a growth strategy that’s tailored for your business.
You launch the next big thing.

It’s time to kill the status quo

Most people just accept that innovation is inherently unpredictable. But they’re wrong. And there’s a better way. Don’t risk your product’s potential with an outdated innovation methodology.

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