The JTBD + ODI Fundamentals Certification

Designed to align your teams around Jobs-to-be-Done Theory

Tony Ulwick, the pioneer of Jobs Theory, will teach your teams to see innovation through a new lens and build a culture of innovation.

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Learn how to transform your innovation process through Jobs-to-be-Done Theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation.

  • Understand what drives customer behavior
  • Share a customer-centered innovation mindset
  • Agree on how to best define markets, customers, competitors, needs, and market segments
  • Understand the frameworks needed to implement the ODI process
  • Access supported workbooks, videos, quizzes, and live instruction

What you will learn

The Benefits

Learn the frameworks to understand your customers and build the products you know will win.

Align your team on the end-to-end innovation process that will fuel your growth ambitions.

Turn your ideas into winning solutions.

The Platform

Learning features designed to keep you on track and ensure are you are able to put the concepts into practice

The JTBD + ODI Fundamentals Certification

Over the 8 weeks of training, you will have on average 1 hr of training per week.

Access to 4 Q&A sessions with an Innovation practitioner

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What Learners are saying

The JTBD+ODI Class brought to life the concepts I have been reading about in Tony’s work for the past 15 years. I now have greater confidence in identifying our customers’ jobs-to-be-done as a basis for understanding their needs and innovating better service solutions. I am thrilled to discover a process I can plug into our organization’s business operating system to manage the front end innovation of services that will be of greatest value to our customers.

Cathy Fisher, President of Quistem, LLC

I’ve always been struck by how much money companies spend innovating with a seemingly random strategy, much of which doesn’t pan out. Having taken the JTBD+ODI class, it’s easy to see how companies can get much better ROI on innovation spend. Tony and company worked us through the step-by-step process answering our questions. I bought the VIP Package and my Strategyn guide, Sabeen, was really helpful in working with us directly. Innovation doesn’t have to be magic or random. This course showed me a practical, step by step method to get results.

Randy Smith, Signature Agile

Jobs Theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation have proven to be highly valuable in the development of innovative pharmaceuticals. A focus on the ‘job’ brings clarity to the complex healthcare delivery process and reveals hidden opportunities to positively impact the patients’ pathway to health.

Simona Skerjanec, Roche

Outcome-Driven Innovation unlocks unique insights into your customers and their challenges. It impacts revenue growth through new product development and identification of new customer segments.

Joe Camaratta, MedTech Playbook

What’s Possible with JTBD & Outcome-Driven Innovation

Strategyn’s philosphy of learning

We have helped many other organizations do this, and over the years refined a set of principles that lead learners to their desired learning outcomes.

Strategyn defines a skill as “the ability to achieve a desired outcome at will”
Strategyn defines teaching as “the process of verifying that a learner can execute a skill”
Verification of learning occurs when the learner shows proof that they achieved the outcome
Learning deepens/accelerates when the learner applies the skill to a meaningful outcome
Learning turns into mastery when the learner applies the skill in multiple contexts over time
The more complex the skill, the more time it takes to ensure successful acquisition of the skill
Therefore, an effective program to learn ODI intersperses self-paced and live instruction to provide the time and guidance needed to both learn and apply ODI to a meaningful study

Do You Still Have Questions?

Yes, many of our students take the course with their team. For group pricing please email [email protected]
We designed the course with the busy full-time professional in mind. The course structure is flexible to take at your convenience. We have found it requires 1 hr per week to complete the course.
Every student who completes the course will receive a certificate of completion. Completing the course means watching all course content videos and completing the final project. You can print out the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile and share it with your network.
Send us an email at [email protected] and we would love to help answer your questions.