Build an innovation capability within your organization


Success at innovation begins with a great innovation process

A great innovation process should be customer-centered, data-driven, predictable, and deliver an ongoing competitive advantage. Outcome-Driven Innovation brings this capability to your firm.

Are you trying to…

Are you trying to…

Take a customer-centric approach to innovation?

Align the actions of sales, marketing, and development around a deep understanding of the customers needs?

Create a sustainable culture for innovation?

Unlock your company’s innovation potential?

Install an innovation process that delivers predictable results?

Install an innovation process that delivers predictable results?

Align your organization around your customer’s Job-to-be-Done

People buy products to get a “job” done. This simple idea opens the door to a new way to define a market: as a group of people trying to solve a problem.
People buy products to get a “job” done. This simple idea opens the door to a new way to define a market: as a group of people trying to solve a problem.

By defining your market around the problem instead of the technology or product, it allows you to fully understand what your customers are trying to do, and build the products they want. This is the basis for the revolutionary process called Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) and our innovation management consulting services.

Strategyn helped us understand customer needs for a product that didn’t yet exist. They also helped us formulate a growth strategy that led us to a position of market leadership. If the big, well-established companies in this space had applied Strategyn’s outcome-driven concepts, they could have dominated. Instead, they were all disrupted.


We were a business facing a potential crisis. Using ODI, we were able to discover many new growth opportunities, pull together a valuable offering and reframe our marketing message around a PC lifecycle management offering. In a market under immense price pressure, Strategyn helped us grow a struggling business.

DAVE WASCHA, Product Manager

Strategyn helped us understand that our product was poorly positioned and failed to get important parts of the job done. They helped us identify and fill the gaps, which we accomplished with targeted development and M&A activity. The project had a significant financial impact on the business. We have had similar successes with other ODI projects.

RANDY KOBAT, Vice President & General Manager

We started to see results from our new messaging and positioning strategy almost immediately. It contributed to an outstanding year. In the end, we grew greater than 30% and the ODI process played a significant role in that growth. Every one of our products had double-digit growth. We far outpaced our competitors.

SCOTT DRUKER, Vice President

I want to thank the Strategyn team for its contributions on this journey. Your teams had a huge positive effect on me, our teams and on MDCO. We learned so much working with you and I believe the outputs, not to mention the mindset you helped us shape, is groundbreaking in an industry that traditionally struggles with innovation management.

Your Outcome-Driven Innovation process is right on point—and we benefited from the approach and your guidance enormously. It drove our technology selection, our development priorities, manufacturing strategies and commercial planning.

CLIVE MEANWELL, Chief Innovation Officer

Using Strategyn’s approach, we introduced 19 new angioplasty balloon products—all of which became number 1 or 2 in the market. Our market share grew from 2% to over 20%. In addition, we prioritized resources so we could be the first to market with the stent, an opportunity that became a $1 billion product in less than two years—the fastest growing medical device in history.


Make Innovation Your Competitive Advantage

Our innovation practitioners will train, coach, and mentor your teams to build an innovation capability using the same training materials we use to train our own team.

Build an innovation capability that allows you to achieve your innovation goals


Infuse an innovation mindset that empowers teams to lead at innovation


Establish a common language for innovation


Bring consistency and structure to your business’s research methodology and elevate the organization’s ability to capture customer needs


Use the right data—insights that inform strategy and predictable innovation for years to come

What makes Outcome-Driven Innovation so effective?

ODI is revolutionary because it enables you to define and understand customer needs in a way that allows you to confidently build the products your customers want.

The perfect set of “need’ statements must inform all aspects of the business. This means they must be stable over time, solution agnostic, unambiguous, actionable, measurable, controllable, granular and more. When the job the customer is trying to get done becomes the unit of analysis, it makes it possible to define need statements that meet these criteria. We call them “desired outcome” statements. They are the key to understanding how customers measure value—and create the product roadmap that will have your competition chasing you.










Strategyn’s Philosophy of Learning

We have refined a set of principles that lead learners to their desired learning outcomes.


Strategyn defines a skill as “the ability to achieve a desired outcome at will”


Strategyn defines teaching as “the process of verifying that a learner can execute a skill”


Verification of learning occurs when the learner shows proof that they achieved the outcome


Learning deepens/accelerates when the learner applies the skill to a meaningful outcome


Learning turns into mastery when the learner applies the skill in multiple contexts over time


The more complex the skill, the more time it takes to ensure successful acquisition of the skill


Therefore, an effective program to learn ODI intersperses self-paced and live instruction with the guidance needed to both learn and apply ODI to a market

Build an innovation capability with Outcome-Driven Innovation

Competitive advantage and differentiation are derived from choosing the right unmet customer needs to target. Our innovation management team will train your organization to be experts in the ODI framework giving your business the capability to create actionable innovation strategies that will drive your growth.



Strategyn will train your team using the same rigor we use to train our own innovation leaders.


Our innovation management consulting team will mentor your team through live projects to ensure the innovation capability is adopted.


You unlock your company’s innovation potential for years to come.

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