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For over 3 decades, Strategyn has evolved the innovation process from an art to a science. Using our methodology, your company can unlock its innovation potential and increase its return on innovation by 5X.

What do we do?

We help companies excel at innovation. As a growth strategy consulting firm, Strategyn helps companies reposition and reinvent underperforming products, create new breakthrough products, successfully discover and enter new markets, and prioritize R&D and M&A investment decisions.

As agents of change, we help companies adopt a new innovation mindset and a process that increases the return on innovation by 5X. We can customize an innovation program to suit your needs.

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Outcome Driven Innovation 2 Uncover desired outcomes (customer needs) Understand how job maps, and customer needs are defined and structured in the ODI process. Discover hidden segments of opportunity 4 Understand how opportunities and market segments are defined and discovered in the ODI process. 5 Formulate and   deploy a winning   strategy Understand how innovation strategy is defined in the ODI process to find the most efficient path to growth. 3 Quantify which outcomes are unmet Understand the basic structure of the questionnaire, and the types of questions in each section. 1 Define your   market around the   Job-to-be-Done Understand how customers, markets, and jobs are defined and structured in the ODI process. Growth through innovation
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Clayton Christensen presents Jobs Theory as the innovator’s solution

In 1999 Strategyn’s founder Tony Ulwick introduced the ODI process and the theory behind it to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. In the years to come, Clayton advanced and popularized what has become known as Jobs-to-be-Done Theory.
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I really like the concept that the Strategyn people brought to us—that people have underlying processes in their lives, and what really understanding the customer needs means is understanding what that underlying process (job) is…Ulwick’s outcome-driven programs bring discipline and predictability to the often random process of innovation.

CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN, Professor, Harvard Business School

Microsoft turns around a flailing business, doubling Y2Y revenue

Microsoft found its software assurance subscription rates declining at an alarming rate. Company management knew it had one chance to turn it around. With a new innovation mindset, they quickly reinvented their offering—and increased their year-to-year revenue by half a billion dollars.
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We were a business facing a potential crisis. Using ODI, we were able to discover many new growth opportunities, pull together a valuable offering and reframe our marketing message around a PC lifecycle management offering. In a market under immense price pressure, Strategyn helped us grow a struggling business.

DAVE WASCHA, Microsoft Corporation


How do you engage with us?

Using the process outlined below, we collaboratively work with product teams to formulate and deploy a growth strategy that is both customer-centric and data-driven. The process can be run in phases and at different levels of fidelity, such as a workshop, sprint or other format. If you are looking to apply ODI at scale, we can help you create and implement a customized innovation program that will transform your organization.


How do you get started?

Download a free e-book or audiobook of JOBS-TO-BE-DONE: Theory to Practice to learn the power of the ODI process. If you want to discuss a workshop, project sprint, growth strategy engagement, or a customized program for innovation, please contact us at 1.866.729.8400. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner, we invite you to explore our online innovation platform at

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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition grows Y2Y revenue by 30%+

After Arm & Hammer experienced several disappointing product launches in the animal nutrition market, it looked for a more reliable innovation process. With Strategyn’s help, it accelerated its revenue growth with a new value proposition, product improvements and a strategic M&A investment.
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We started to see results from our new messaging and positioning strategy almost immediately. It contributed to an outstanding year. In the end, we grew greater than 30% and the ODI process played a significant role in that growth. Every one of our products had double-digit growth. We far outpaced our competitors.”

SCOTT DRUKER, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition


Early History

Strategyn’s founder Tony Ulwick worked as a senior product planner at IBM for 10 years before he founded Strategyn in 1991. In the years that followed, he and his team applied and refined Strategyn’s innovation process in hundreds of product planning engagements with leading companies in nearly every industry. Strategyn applied for and was granted 12 patents on its process, the first of which was issued in 1999.

Also in 1999, Tony introduced the Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) process and its underlying theory to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, sparking his interest in what he would soon popularize as Jobs-to-be-Done Theory.

In 2002, Tony authored the Harvard Business Review article, Turn Customer Input into Innovation, generating broad interest in a new way to think about innovation. Ulwick’s 2005 book, What Customers Want, helped to propel Jobs Theory and the ODI process into the mainstream.

Strategyn’s future

Strategyn’s mission is to change the way the world innovates. As we continue to fine-tune the ODI process, we are also creating tools to automate needs gathering, data analytics and strategy formulation. Our ultimate goal is to make the innovation process 100% predictable. With these capabilities at their disposal, our clients will be able to bring groundbreaking products to market the first time and every time, improving lives and advancing humanity.

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