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Get certified in putting Jobs Theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) into practice.
Apply the process to your markets using Strategyn’s latest tools and templates.
Align your team around a winning product strategy.
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Apply the world’s most advanced innovation process

View markets and needs through a customer-centric lens
Focus on the unmet outcomes that matter most to customers
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How the platform is structured



Explore our courses, workbooks, and templates to help you understand how to use Jobs-to-be-Done and Outcome-Driven Innovation in your job.



Put the process into practice with tools designed to help you apply the frameworks.



Get your questions answered by the experts.

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Gain certifications and badges by enrolling in courses developed by Tony Ulwick, the pioneer of Jobs-to-be-Done Theory and inventor of Outcome-Driven Innovation. He has designed these courses to help you lead your organization to success. 

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Learn a new innovation language and mindset

  • Discover the gaps in your current innovation practices and how to overcome them.
  • Align your organization around a single, customer-centric language for innovation.
  • Define customers and markets in a way that successfully informs innovation.

Time Investment: 2-4 hours



Understand the frameworks and how to structure process inputs

  • Define your market in problem space, independent of solutions and stable over time.
  • Understand your customer’s entire job-to-be-done and visualize the ultimate solution
  • Identify the top quantified opportunities and map the most efficient path to growth.

Time Investment: 6-8 hours



Learn the guidelines for executing the process

  • Identify the team you need to navigate your innovation project successfully.
  • Build a well-designed research plan to address your innovation goals.

  • Structure and prioritize your customer’s needs in a way that will instruct you to build better products.

Time Investment: 14-16 hours


Put the process into practice with tools designed to help you apply the frameworks.

outcome validation
Create a high-quality set of customer need statements faster and more conveniently. Document your customer’s job, job step, and outcome statements and let the Outcome Validation tool assess their quality and make suggestions for improvement.
Needs Framework
Determine what customers to study and what customer inputs to capture to achieve your business objectives. The Needs Framework considers the needs of the job executor, the purchase decision maker, and those who support the product throughout its lifecycle.


Gain access to member-only events hosted by Tony Ulwick and our innovation experts.
Get your questions answered by the experts.
Learn from product champions at leading companies.
Strengthen your innovation skills with monthly events. 

Achieve Success with JTBD & Outcome-Driven Innovation

Do You Still Have Questions?

Yes, many of our members sign up with their team. For group options please email [email protected].

The Introduction, Fundamentals, and Associates courses each contain 8 modules. The modules are titled: innovation as a process, customer definition, market definition, job step discovery, outcome discovery, outcome prioritization, opportunity discovery, and innovation strategy formulation. Each course offers deeper insight into the topics—from understanding the steps, to understanding the inputs, to understanding the guidelines for process execution. View the full curriculum here.

ODI is a customer-centric, data-driven innovation process we invented and refined over the past 30 years in engagements with the world’s most sophisticated companies in nearly every industry. It has a proven success rate that is 5X the industry average. ODI has amassed a loyal following of innovators who have witnessed the power of this approach.

We partnered with Credly to issue badges and certificates upon completion of courses that can be shared on social media and with your network.

ODIpro is suitable for any industry and company that is serving a group of people trying to get a job done. The ODI process has been applied and proven effective in over 30 industries, and it has been used effectively in startups, small, medium, and large businesses, B2B, B2C, non-profits, and government agencies.

In the coming months, the platform will evolve to include additional courses, new software tools and templates, and a community.

Send us an email at [email protected] and we would love to help answer your questions.

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