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Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition grows Y2Y revenue 30%+

The Challenge

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition provides animal nutrition, animal productivity, food processing, and safety solutions. For several years, the team in Arm & Hammer’s Animal Nutrition business had gone through several disappointing product development efforts and launches despite the technical success of the products.

The commercial response was lackluster. They had been relying on nutrition consultants within the industry, to provide the customer insights driving their innovation process. So, not wanting to repeat history and recognizing that innovation was an important aspect of the team’s growth strategy they set out looking for a new process.

“Okay, how can we do things differently?” Scott Druker, VP


We started to see results from our new messaging and positioning strategy almost immediately. It contributed to an outstanding year. In the end, we grew greater than 30% and the ODI process played a significant role in that growth. Every one of our products had double-digit growth. We far outpaced our competitors.”

The solution

Arm & Hammer turned to Strategyn and the Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) process to understand their customers and discover their best opportunities for growth.

ODI provided a step-by-step framework to uncover exactly what these customers were trying to accomplish, what they needed in a product, and how they would measure their success.

The Outcome-Driven Innovation process we used for Arm & Hammer included five steps:

  • By shifting the focus on the dairy producer instead of the nutritionist Arm & Hammer was able to understand the “job” the dairy producer was trying to get done had little to do with nutrition and was squarely focused on optimizing dairy herd productivity.

  • The team interviewed a dozen dairy producers and uncovered 165 unique desired outcome statements the dairy producer was trying to satisfy.

  • The team then surveyed dairy herd producers users to quantify the degree to which each outcome was under- or overserved by existing products in the market. Using data to guide decision making takes the guesswork out of innovation.

  • The team was surprised with how many opportunities there were, and how few of them were directly related to nutritional ingredients for the dairy producer. Their whole business is focused on supplying nutritional ingredients and supplements. This was a new mindset shift.

  • With insights from the first four steps, the Strategyn team built a messaging strategy that focused on the outcomes that would deliver value to the dairy producers, instead of focusing on the features. This change in messaging strategy lead to year over year revenue growth of 30%+.

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The result

With a new focus and understanding of the customer or “Job Executor”, the team was able to pivot their messaging strategy and align their content to be outcome-focused.

Within a year this new messaging strategy helped their customers see value in their products and services, resulting in a 30% increase in revenue.

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The research helped on many fronts. First, it helped clarify in our minds that the customer is the dairy producer, not the nutritionist. Next, understanding that the “job” they were trying to get done had little to do with nutrition and was focused squarely on optimizing herd productivity. ”


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