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Jobs-To-Be-Done Playbook

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Many people aspire to be great innovators — to build and launch hugely successful products and be known as leaders in their industries.

But depending on your source, between 70% and 95% of all new products fail. Statistically speaking, your product is going to flop.

The reason so many innovators fail and so many products flop is that innovators don’t really understand what it is their customers wantMoreover, they don’t know what inputs they need from customers to make innovation predictable.

The team at Arm & Hammer’s Animal Nutrition business was all too familiar with this challenge. Despite the technical success of their products, the business had suffered through several disappointing product development efforts and launches over the course of several years. Although they had been relying on industry-leading consultants to provide the insights to drive their innovation process, the commercial response to these innovations was lackluster.

Fortunately, all Arm & Hammer needed was a new perspective.

They needed Jobs-to-be-done.

Jobs-to-be-Done is best defined as a perspective — a lens through which you can observe markets, customers, needs, competitors, and customer segments differently, and by doing so, make innovation far more predictable and profitable.

Jobs-to-be-Done helps product managers to:

  • Conceptualize new products
  • Improve existing products
  • Prioritize product backlog
  • Create a product roadmap
  • Design a user experience
  • Validate the potential of an offering before development begins

Are you a marketing manager? Jobs-to-be-Done can help you:

  • Craft a value proposition that connects with customers
  • Communicate competitive strengths
  • Craft sales pitches that convert
  • Design web pages and campaigns that convert
  • Create content that attracts leads

Executive leaders appreciate how Jobs-to-be-Done helps them:

  • Align the organization around a common vision
  • Achieve a shared understanding of customer needs across the organization
  • Determine which firms to acquire and partner with
  • Discover new markets to enter
  • Adopt innovation practices that lead to greater success

This playbook will teach you the tenets of Jobs-to-be-Done and how to apply them in your own organization, whatever your position — just like Arm & Hammer did to grow year-over-year revenue by more than 30%.


Are you ready to see results like these for your own business? Then it’s time to dive into Jobs-to-be-Done.

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