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As the leading innovation consulting firm, Strategyn has helped dozens of Fortune 100
companies create winning products and services with a success rate that is five times
the industry average. How is this possible? Over the last 23 years, we invented an
innovation process that mitigates the risk of failure. Our results speak for
themselves. Build a customer-centric organization with help from the
top innovation consulting firm and services provider.

Strategyn will help you succeed at innovation

We are the leading innovation consulting firm

As the pioneers of jobs-to-be-done theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation, we are on the forefront of innovation.

As the world's leading innovation consulting firm, we understand that your success at creating a customer-centric organization is dependent on (i) an innovation process that works, and (ii) its effective deployment across your planning, marketing, development and R&D functions. Strategyn can help you on both fronts.

We are the only innovation consulting firm licensed to practice Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI), a powerful innovation process invented in 1991 by our founder Tony Ulwick. Using ODI, our innovation consulting team has helped one-third of Fortune 100 companies discover hidden opportunities for growth and formulate market and product strategies that address them. We have helped Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Arm & Hammer, Bosch, Ingersoll Rand and dozens of other companies generate over $10 billion in new revenue. ODI’s 86% success rate is transformative.

In addition to gathering the insights you need to become customer-centric, our innovation consulting team offers a three-phase plan for deployment, ensuring the decisions your planning, marketing, development, and R&D functions make are customer-centric (see Blueprint for Creating a Customer-Centric Culture of Innovation ).

Adopt ODI and make the world's most effective innovation process the foundation of your customer centricity program. We offer workshops, strategy engagements, training, support, customized innovation programs, and more. Learn about Strategyn's innovation consulting services:

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Learn how ODI works

We've transformed jobs-to-be-done theory into a powerful innovation process.

In What Customers Want, innovation consulting expert Tony Ulwick explains what the Outcome-Driven Innovation process is and how it works. The methods introduced in this book have transformed the way companies and academics think about innovation.

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What Customers Want

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