How to develop a product vision that unites and motivates your team

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Duration | 52 min

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Discussion Topics:
  • The 3 things that make up a great vision
  • How a vision aligns the people you serve and the problems you solve
  • How you can create your vision today by understanding your customers Job-to-be-Done

Visionary leaders don’t just paint a picture of the future, they foster that future in the form of tangible product ideas.

On the surface, this might not seem like a new perspective, but the reality is most executive leaders are wrapped up in creating mission-level strategies while missing the connection to what the customer experiences.

They have a mission.

They have a strategy.

But, they are missing product vision.

This causes the team to focus on the wrong customers and solve the wrong problems. Over time this leads to product and even business failure.

In this session, innovation thought leaders Sean Flaherty and Tony Ulwick will walk you through why you need a vision and the steps you can take today to create alignment within your teams.

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