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What Is Outcome-Driven Innovation?

A breakthrough innovation process. The ultimate upgrade in innovation.

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We Reinvented Innovation

When looking at innovation through a Jobs-to-be-Done lens, it is easy to see that the goal of innovation is to create products and services that help customers get their jobs done better. Outcome-Driven Innovation is a strategy and innovation process that was designed from the ground up to create products and services that are certain to get the job done significantly better that any competing solution. It has a success rate that is five times the industry average – and this is no accident.

Looking through a Jobs-to-be-Done lens, we reinvented the entire innovation process. This includes the way we define customers, markets, and needs, the way we segment and size markets, and the way we construct and test ideas. Our two-decade track record using ODI is exceptional, and there are good reasons why.

Architected To Deliver Breakthrough Results

ODI’s foundational strengths are built along three fronts. First, we built ODI on an interdependent and optimized architecture that ensures all the pieces fit and work together to accelerate revenue growth. It works because we use the same customer metrics (or outcomes) that define the customer’s successful execution of the job-to-be-done to guide the entire innovation process. In this sense, we bring discipline to innovation in much the same way Six Sigma practices brought discipline to operational improvement.

Second, ODI is a comprehensive system. It enables us to address all the steps that comprise the innovation process, including market definition and selection, ideation, concept testing, and messaging. In other words, it enables us to get the entire job done. Consequently, we use ODI to replace nearly all the incomplete, overlapping, and unnecessary practices that companies cobble together today.

Lastly, we designed ODI from the ground up to create products and services that help customers get their jobs done better. Since all products and services are designed for this purpose, ODI can be used successfully to accelerate growth in nearly every industry.

Debunking The Myths That Kill Innovation

As we reinvented the innovation process, we debunked many myths about innovation that still derail innovation efforts in most companies today. We’ve proven, for example, that beliefs such as “innovation begins with an idea,” “customers have latent needs,” and “failing fast is a strategy for success” are false and debilitating. Those and other myths about innovation are the result of seeing the innovation process through a product-centric lens. We see things very differently.

You can learn more about Outcome-Driven Innovation® and how it can benefit you by downloading the white paper. For those interested in understanding the future of innovation, this paper is a must read.

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