Why Innovation Fails & How To Fix It

Why Innovation Fails & How To Fix It

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Webinar  |  60 min

Discussion Topics:
  • The 3 deep-rooted myths that cause companies to fail at innovation
  • The real problems companies need to overcome to succeed at innovation
  • The innovation process that solves these problems

95% of product teams don’t agree on what a customer “need” even is. This is the root cause of failure in innovation and why the majority of new products fail.

To succeed at innovation, product teams must unite around a common language and understanding of customer needs.

During this session, Tony will debunk myths that are preventing companies from making needed progress and show you how a jobs-to-be-done mindset can be used to define, capture, organize, and use customer need statements in a way that makes innovation far more predictable and profitable.

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Tony Ulwick, Founder/CEO