How Jobs-to-be-Done can help solve the unmet needs of society

A conversation with Christian Sarkar

Webinar Replay:

Duration: 45 Min

Discussion Topics:
  • What are the unmet needs of society?
  • What is multi-stakeholder JTBD?
  • How do we map out the causes and effects of wicked problems?
  • How can we depoliticize decision-making?
  • What is The Wicked7 Project?

The Death of Nature. Inequality. Hate and Conflict. Population and Migration. Power and Corruption. Work and Technology. Health and Livelihood. These are some of the most urgent problems facing society today.

Where do you start? What is the role of Jobs-to-be-done in multi-stakeholder ecosystems?

Christian is co-founder (along with Philip Kotler) of The Wicked7 Project, an open-design project to discover and map the “unmet needs of society.” He joins Tony Ulwick to discuss the urgent need for cross-sector problem-solving and the need for a common language to bring us together in an age of ideology and polarization.

Christian Sarkar is an author, consultant and artist. He’s on the 2021Thinkers50 Radar, primarily for his work on brand activism and the “ecosystem of wicked problems.” He is the co-author of Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action (with Philip Kotler), and the co-founder of The Marketing Journal and

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Tony Ulwick