How to define your market using Jobs-to-be-Done

With innovation pioneer Tony Ulwick

Webinar Replay Below:

Duration | 56 min

Discussion Topics:
  • What’s wrong with traditional market definitions?
  • What’s to be gained with a new definition?
  • Who is the job executor in your market?
  • What is your customer’s job-to-be-done?
  • Where do people go wrong when getting started with JTBD?
  • Live Q&A

Companies often define the markets they serve around the technology in their product offerings—a technology that one day will become obsolete.

Clearly, this is a mistake, but it’s one that has been repeated by hundreds of companies over the decades.

Where are the companies that defined themselves around CDs?

They spiraled to their death when MP3 technology came along.

And where are Blockbuster and Kodak now?

In this session, Tony Ulwick will teach you how to understand your customer’s “Job”, define your market through a Jobs-to-be-Done Lens, and change the way you see markets.

Hosted by

Tony Ulwick