How to build the RIGHT solutions-and then build them RIGHT

Outcome-Driven Venturing: JTBD + Lean Innovation

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Duration | 56 min

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why so many new products fail
  • The need for an end to end innovation process
  • How to create the perfect growth formula by combining JTBD & lean innovation methods

In this session, innovation pioneers, Tony Ulwick, Noel Sobelman, and Christine Griffin will discuss the reasons businesses struggle to create new sources of growth and introduce an end-to-end innovation process that solves common challenges.

Combining downstream lean methods with upstream JTBD practices creates a robust, end-to-end innovation process. The process improves the effectiveness of needs discovery and prioritization for, ideating, incubating, and scaling new ventures. Through this combined synergy, companies seeking to create new ventures are now able to build the RIGHT solutions and build them RIGHT.

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Tony Ulwick, Noel Sobelman, & Christine Griffin