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Reimbursement email template

Hello [Your Manager’s Name],

I’ve been researching a fundamentals certification on Jobs-to-be-Done that I believe will help me to have a bigger impact on our business.

The course will build on my understanding of the following:

  • Frameworks to understand what drives customer behavior
  • How to build a customer-centered innovation mindset
  • How to best define markets, customers, competitors, needs, and market segments for successful innovation
  • How to start applying the Outcome-Driven Innovation process

The course is taught by innovation leader Tony Ulwick, who has completed successful innovation projects for companies like Microsoft, Phillps, Abbott, and Bosch. 

The $1500 investment comes with workbooks, videos, quizzes, and live instruction to ensure learning objectives.

Would [COMPANY] be willing to reimburse me for this course as part of my professional development?

We could also complete the certification as a team. If interested, you can reach out to [email protected] to discuss.

Thanks for your consideration,

[Your Name]

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