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Our Outcome-Driven Marketing™ Team Delivers

Our market strategy consulting team will deliver your company value along three fronts. It will discover: (i) the growth opportunities that exist in your market, (ii) what specific customers, segments, and unmet needs your company should target to accelerate its growth, and (iii) how to best enhance your marketing, sales, development, R&D, and M&A efforts.

A market strategy formulated with Strategyn’s patented methods leads to improved customer acquisition, differentiated offerings, increased revenue, and higher profit share.


Challenges In Planning Market Growth

Formulating an effective market strategy can be difficult because it is dependent on your company’s ability to: (i) uncover and prioritize all your growth opportunities (unmet customer needs), (ii) discover segments of customers that are overserved and underserved, (iii) determine if customers are willing to pay more to get the job done better, and (iv) integrate those insights into an effective plan for growth.

While most companies struggle across all these fronts, Strategyn’s market strategy consulting capabilities are unsurpassed. The practices we have invented (11 patents issued) and refined over the past 23 years have resulted in the world’s most effective market strategy formulation method. It is embodied in our Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) process. Using ODI, our market strategy consulting team will help your organization create a roadmap for growth in a new or existing market.

Differentiate Your Offerings

A unique and valued competitive position results when your company consistently delivers more customer value than your competitors. Its that simple, but it’s hard to do. To create more value, your company must know how your customers measure value. This is where Strategyn shines. Our market strategy consulting process reveals all the metrics your customers use to measure value in your market. These metrics point to where the opportunities for growth lie. We have spent years refining the methods to capture these insights.

With these metrics in hand, we are able to determine where a market is underserved and overserved and to what degree. We are also able to discover segments of customers that are underserved and willing to pay more to get a job done better. This information makes it possible to determine if a profit share strategy is a viable option in your market, or if a disruptive strategy is best.


A Blueprint for Growth

Formulated correctly, a market strategy lays out a blueprint for growth. This blueprint often impacts the positioning and messaging of existing products, drives improvement in branding, customer acquisition, and sales efforts, and influences product enhancement and technology investment decisions.

A successful market strategy is all about deciding what customers, segments, and unmet customer needs to target. By looking at your market through a jobs-to-be-done lens, we bring you unique insights that lead to differentiated offerings. Contact us to learn more about our market strategy consulting services.

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