Strategyn’s Innovation Theory

Outcome-Driven Innovation The ultimate innovation upgrade

White Papers

Strategyn’s white papers provide deep insight into our innovation theory and practices. The white paper, Outcome-Driven Innovation, is a must read. It reveals the flaws in traditional innovation theory and explains how they are addressed with Strategyn’s thinking and our innovation process, Outcome-Driven Innovation.

The other white papers, which offer Strategyn’s perspective on strategy, innovation management and innovation practices such as voice-of-the-customer (VOC) and QFD, are equally compelling.

This white paper by innovation expert Tony Ulwick helps readers achieve two important objectives: it underscores why innovation has historically been a misunderstood, fragmented and ineffective process, and it explains in detail the innovation theory, discoveries and concepts that comprise the Outcome-Driven Innovation process.

Building a Corporate Culture of Innovation

This white paper focuses on the challenges companies face when creating a corporate culture of innovation. During a conversation with an executive trying to do just that, Tony Ulwick shares his thoughts on the matter and introduces an innovation culture building model he calls “directed innovation”.

A New Perspective on Strategy

The goal of business strategy formulation is to create a unique and valued competitive position. This article by Strategyn CEO Tony Ulwick explains what strategy really is and why customer needs are the basic unit of competitive analysis. It also introduces the six growth paths that a company can pursue in any market to plot its growth and outflank its competitors.

What is Innovation?

When building a competency in innovation, a company must adopt the best innovation process and the language that supports it. This primer by Strategyn CEO Tony Ulwick introduces the terms needed to describe and discuss Strategyn’s Outcome-Driven Innovation process. A shared understanding of innovation terminology is the first step in engaging the organization in healthy discussion around what innovation is, how the process should be executed and what approach to adopt. Includes helpful abridged glossary of key terms.

Outcome-Based Market Segmentation

Most companies segment their markets – but few have used market segmentation to proactively gain a disruptive foothold into new markets. A new approach to market segmentation described here by Strategyn CEO Tony Ulwick offers companies a better way to formulate their market, product and branding strategies.

Silence the Voice of the Customer

Responding to a public critique of its methodology by a competitor, Strategyn thought leader Tony Ulwick prepared this article, which highlights the business advantages of the Outcome-Driven Innovation methodology and the strategic and tactical differences between it and traditional voice-of-the-customer (VOC) practices.

Retiring the House of Quality

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) was created as a tool for product design, not as a tool for innovation. When applied to innovation, this useful design tool fails to produce effective results. This article by Tony Ulwick, Rick Norman and Richard Zultner of the QFD Institute makes a case for retiring the House of Quality as an innovation tool.

Ideas-First or Needs-First: What Would Edison Say?

In just over 30 years, Thomas Edison – one of the world’s greatest innovators – pioneered six industries that today have a cumulative market value of more than $1 trillion. How did he do it? Learn from Sarah Miller Caldicott how he made this possible.

Ingersoll Rand Puts Customers First in Drive for Innovation

Industry Week says a disciplined approach to innovation is paying dividends at Ingersoll Rand where innovative products are creating new business opportunities. The approach – Outcome-Driven Innovation – is being used to develop innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs.