New offerings from Strategyn

New Offerings From Strategyn
by Tony Ulwick

September 20, 2012–Over the past few years, Strategyn has made exciting improvements to our Outcome-Driven Innovation process so that we can better help companies accelerate their growth through innovation.

We have developed powerful new methods of (i) identifying and sizing high-potential markets, (ii) generating breakthrough platform, feature, and business model innovations, and (iii) pricing solutions and forecasting revenue and profit growth. We have filed six new patents in these areas, adding to our existing IP portfolio.

I believe each is as game changing as our identification of the job as the unit of analysis and our breakthroughs in understanding customer needs and prioritizing opportunities for growth.

These latest improvements to ODI have made us extremely effective at generating big ideas and creating growth plans in new and underserved markets. Our growth plans provide executive teams with everything they need to make a growth investment decision, including the breakthrough concept and supporting financials.

Most recently, we not only helped a Fortune 50 company identify a highly underserved market, but also created an amazing new product and growth plan for the company, which it is funding in a joint venture with Strategyn.

If you are responsible for growth at your company and would like to learn more, please reach out to me personally. My team and I are excited about creating long-term relationships with companies that understand the value of ODI and want to use it to accelerate their growth.

Tony Ulwick

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