Debunking Myths About Customer Needs

Focus on the job-to-be-done And see customers from a different perspective

Myths that mislead

When it comes to identifying customer needs, managers and employees in nearly every company hold some of the following mistaken beliefs. These beliefs are a key reason why companies struggle to innovate:

1. Customers have latent needs; needs they don’t even know they have.
2. Customers struggle to articulate their needs.
3. Customers’ needs change quickly over time.
4. Customers won’t know what they want until they see it.
5. It is impossible to ever know all the customers’ needs.

These myths have survived for decades because the traditional methods of capturing customer needs don’t work; and these myths seemingly offer an explanation as to why identifying customer needs is near impossible. We have proven that all these statements are untrue.

A new perspective on identifying customer needs

Examining customer needs through a jobs-to-be-done lens, we see that a customer need must relate to helping customers get a job done better. In other words, a customer need statement must explain how customers struggle to get a job done, not describe what feature a product should include. This insight has led us to create a whole new way to think about, capture, and use customer needs to create breakthrough products and services.

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