product strategy

Growth Through Innovation

The average innovation team hits .170
Our team is hitting .865

How do we do it? Strategyn sees the game differently. Most companies execute the innovation process backwards. We figured out why and fixed it. Our power lies in our patented innovation process, Outcome-Driven Innovation. We provide unparalleled innovation consulting services. From winning market and product strategies to innovation management programs and more, we can help your company grow.

Achieve your growth objectives

With our broad-ranging innovation consulting services

Using our patented innovation process, we help companies grow by helping them improve their existing products, create new products and services, and discover and pursuing new markets. With an innovation success rate that is five times the industry average, your company will benefit from making our innovation process the cornerstone of its innovation and growth efforts. Using Strategyn’s innovation consulting services will dramatically reduce your company’s innovation costs and risks while accelerating its revenue growth. Learn more about our market strategy, product innovation, and innovation management services.

Innovation Management

Excel at innovation across the corporation

With a process, team, and tools that lead the way

Innovation is not everyone’s responsibility. It is a management responsibility. Product investment decisions are one of the most important decisions management will make. Whether the focus is on product improvement or on brand-new products, we will make sure your company invests in winning solutions. Using Outcome-Driven Innovation, we deliver big ideas that grow a company’s core markets and visionary platforms that generate new revenue streams. Drive your innovation efforts with Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) and accelerate your revenue growth. Learn More

Market Strategy

See markets through a new lens

And discover hidden opportunities for growth

Companies exist to help customers get a job done. We accelerate a company’s growth by helping its customers get an entire suite of jobs done. Identifying those jobs and creating a market investment road map to address them is your key to success. We are the best in the world at understanding a customer job domain and formulating a market strategy that leverages company strengths to capitalize on those insights. Using our innovation consulting services, your company will receive a blueprint for value creation and growth. Learn More

Product Innovation

Launch new, breakthrough products

Knowing they will win customers and profits

When investing in new products and new markets, the risks are high. Strategyn’s innovation process, Outcome-Driven Innovation, mitigates those risks. We know the visionary solutions that result from our process will succeed before the first penny is spent on their development. This is because we know they will help customers get their jobs done significantly better. With a significantly superior solution available, customers are about five-times more likely to adopt. This is the power of our process and why, with Strategyn as your innovation consulting services provider, you will launch big ideas that win. Learn More

Emerging Markets

Think global, innovate local

Win with offerings that get the job done

Western companies are aggressively pursuing territories and customers in emerging markets, but more often than not success is elusive. What works in western countries rarely works in emerging markets. Companies must understand the customer’s unique jobs, needs and pricing constraints before they can shape a compelling offering that connects with customers and differentiates the company from a sea of competitors. Strategyn provides this insight and strategies to win. Learn More

Corporate Venturing

Our portfolio of new ventures is unique

Because it’s built around jobs-to-be-done

The traditional venture process is broken because its success is dependent on innovation methods that just don’t work. Over the past ten years venture returns have been 0.0%. We launch new ventures using our breakthrough Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) process. ODI enables us to mitigate the risk and accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies. Learn More